Danielle Peazer

“Fresh, youthful, talented and highly innovative in her field”: a recent description for the breathtaking dance phenomenon that is Danielle Peazer.

Juice were delighted that Danielle chose us to create her official website – the platform for showcasing her work to casting professionals and for keeping in-touch with her fan-base. Danielle picked Juice because they use the latest code and “made the whole process quick, easy and fun.”

Using our web build expertise, Juice applied relevant content to Danielle’s website in order to gain a high SEO ranking so that visitors will have easier access to her page and contact details. Another advantage is that Danielle’s work will gain new interest as her brand will have an increased web presence.

The web design itself needed to do her image justice and be a reflection on her dancing ability – Juice achieved this by giving it a clean, modern and professional look.

Danielle PeazerDanielle PeazerDanielle PeazerDanielle Peazer
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