When global payment solutions provider Elavon needed to digitise their sales and marketing collateral, and streamline delivery of sales proposals, we had just the product to help them. Our Libris brand management software platform gave them the tools they needed to centralise their assets and regain control over their brand.

We tailored the software to fit their spec and achieve their particular goals of

• digitising all collateral

• controlling and safeguarding the delivery of the brand’s visual identity

• maintaining brand control over the sales proposals generated by 300 sales professionals in 4 different countries

• reducing the production and cost of printed collateral by at least 50%

• saving time and expensive agency fees

• enabling documents to be updated in real time and made live instantly

Libris’ intelligent software and master templates enable Elavon to update branded collateral centrally and offer their sales staff access to all of their assets from any web-enabled device. With branded elements securely locked down on all material, sales can change pre-selected elements only, ensuring essential brand consistency. This access also enables sales to personalise tender documents and deliver them straightaway, via pdf or print-on-demand, giving them an edge over competitors.

Libris has helped Elavon to manage their sales and marketing collateral across their international territories, and has met their objectives with great success. Elavon’s 300 sales staff each save around an hour per day by not having to create sales material from scratch, and external agency costs have plummeted. According to Elavon’s Marketing Communications Manager, Yulia Muir, this means ‘Libris has saved us £250k from our annual marketing budget, and over £1 million a year of sales’ time!’ This equates to a staggering 1700% ROI.

Juice is delighted to have provided the resources for Elavon to meet stringent European industry regulations and boost their sales and marketing departments. We continue to maintain and augment their Libris system for them, and look forward to the next phases of our collaboration.

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