Fluid Business Coaching

Brand realignment takes Fluid to the next level

When business coaching company ‘Team Results’ asked us to design a logo for one of their new offerings, our first meeting resulted in us suggesting a complete rebrand for them, including a new company name.

Part of our discussions with any new client involves taking a fresh look at their brand. With Team Results, we discussed if the public perception of the company matched their own expectations – as an experienced business coaching organisation offering a range of services to help facilitate business and leadership growth – and decided to make a change. After holding a branding workshop and exploring several options, we agreed on Fluid Business Coaching, designed a new logo and colourways, and applied the rebrand throughout the organisation.

‘Fluid’ encapsulates the reality of constant change in business, and the flexible and adaptable approach that is required to maintain and grow successful companies.

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, once said, ‘You can have a plan… but know that it will change, probably a lot. The plan is fluid, the foundation is stable.’

Fluid Business Coaching understands this completely, and continues to build upon its successful rebranding, helping more and more businesses to develop and grow. And here, at Juice, we are proud to continue to support Fluid’s branding and marketing needs.

Fluid Business CoachingFluid Business CoachingFluid Business CoachingFluid Business CoachingFluid Business CoachingFluid Business Coaching
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