Motocaddy are now the UK’s number one electric golf cart manufacturer. Juice have worked with Motocaddy for many years and are delighted to contribute to their continuing success, working on a variety of branding and advertising projects.

The project shown here required Juice to devise a new logo and brand identity whilst simultaneously producing creative innovative advertising visuals to promote the launch of the S3 Pro caddy. We selected a former cold-war bomb shelter for the photo shoot, creating unique and stunning imagery.

Juice recently worked on the latest project for the branding of a low-ion battery and charger set; one of many accessories that Motocaddy offer. The visuals needed to reinforce the strong Motocaddy brand identity and attract potential buyers from the brand-aware audience of golfing enthusiasts.

Furthermore we needed to create a separate sub-brand image, with a distinct Motocaddy stamp on it. Juice devised the strong “Lithium” concept; being both an ingredient of the battery and a powerful sub-brand name. Juice applied strong brand principle to craft the new style, reflecting the high-tech nature of the new eco power supply.


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